Just be Present

So we up and away in bringing 12 Buckets to Grovelands Primary School, you can watch the interview here.

I’m pretty excited on a few levels. Firstly what an amazing expression of the Church with “12 Buckets”, “Initiate Australia” and “New Spring Church” all coming together to serve a local school community.

On another level, this is an outworking Gospel Mission. The ‘Ministry of Presence’, as some would put it or simply being prepared to be present in an area or region long enough to see God’s Kingdom planted, established and then growing is something we are to commit to as believers. Church campaigns are great but committing to a place for an extended period of time is better.

I think there is definitely life application here, the willingness to stick it out until something happens, the ability to put your foot in the Jordan river and have nothing happen initially and still keep your stance until the waters start to move and a path is made clear is something to aspire towards.

A few years ago someone asked me, “What is the greatest leadership lesson you have learned Dave?”, I was surprised with what came out of my mouth, “Not flinching”, was my answer.  In other words, when you make the right decision and you don’t flinch, take a backward or sidestep because things don’t change or move immediately, well that takes courage, resilience, and conviction.