In Search of Eden

We are story people who are on a quest.

Futurist, historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari suggests that humans rule the world because of our ability and propensity to gather and cooperate. He suggests that there is a glue that seems to be present in humans that distinguishes us from other creation. This glue is made of stories and not genes.

It fascinates me when I read and listen to a person of a different world view than mine articulate something so Biblical. I would simply add that yes we are story people, but we are story people who are on a quest. Just spend a day listening to your own heart, spend a week with a child or pay closer attention to the people we love in our lives and you will soon hear a deeper cry. We are all on a quest for a place of delight, in Biblical language this place is called “Eden”.

And what keeps us interested and intrigued is that all of us get a glimpse of Eden from time to time. Now we often won’t use a word like “Eden”, possibly “Utopia” is a word more palatable in our world today. We aren’t too sure where this place is but we are given promises about different pathways that will take us to there.

There is the promise of ‘Techno-Utopia’, where science and technology will create this ideal society, a new Renaissance is currently in play which will enable man to make advances in every arena whether that be political, social, economical and cultural. There is a promise that this movement can even reach to the depths of transforming a human heart. And for those who are sceptical of this pathway there are a myriad of other pathways that we have tried and adopted over the years and will try and test in the years to come.

All of this to say we are story people on a quest for Eden.

From Jesus own lips –

” Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

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